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Doug holding copy of ChimerascopeDerek Newman-Stilles has posted a wide-ranging interview he did with me recently on his Speculating Canada site. Derek's questions covered writing, the creative process, the power of speculative fiction as a genre, its future as a genre, the value of short fiction, the genesis of stories, growing an idea for a story into the story itself, and ever so many other topics. His questions were fun and thought provoking for me, and I hope that my answers managed to be the same. Take a look at it here.

"The Red Bird" flies again -- in Spain

My Japanese martial arts romance epic fantasy (now there's an underappreciated sub-genre), "The Red Bird," will appear in the Catalan language magazine, Catarsi, in their 9th issue next month.  Check out the very cool cover for the issue, inspired by my story.  And if you're wondering:

"Catalan is a Romance language named for its origins in the historical region of Catalonia in the northeastern part of the Iberian Peninsula and adjoining parts of what is now France. It is a co-official language of the Spanish autonomous communities of Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, and the Valencian Community, where it is known as Valencian. It also has semi-official status in the city of Alghero (where the Algherese dialect is spoken) on the Italian island of Sardinia. It is also spoken with no official recognition in the autonomous communities of Aragon (in La Franja) and Murcia (in Carche) in Spain, and in the historic Roussillon region of southern France." (source: Wikipedia)

Catarsi has also included an illustration with the story (see right). And both the cover and the illo show me that the artist actually took the time to read the story. 

"The Red Bird" first appeared in the Canadian magazine, On Spec, in 2001. You can read reviews of the story and pick up a copy of the story as an ebook at my store here. And, assuming you can read Catalan, you can also check out excerpts and illustrations from the issue at the Catarsi site.

Margaret Atwood, me, and werewolves

Derek Newman-Stille has an article on "Canadian Werewolves" in fiction on his Speculating Canada site, in which he cites eight examples of Canadian stories and movies of the genre, a list that includes tales from Margaret Atwood, Charles de Lint, Kelly Armstrong, and my own short story "Out of the Light." "Out of the Light" is my take on what sort of shape-shifter might adapt to life as a predator in the big city. If you're interested, you can pick up an ebook copy of the story from my bookstore right here or from Amazon or any of the major ebook retailers. Hope you'll check it out.

Director Don Coscarelli at TIFF 2012

A final pic and post from TIFF. We saw "John Dies at the End" on Sunday to close out the fest. A Midnight Madness flick and much fun. Think of "Buckaroo Bonzai" crossed with "Sean of the Dead". Sort of. Kind of. Okay, actually completely different. I won't even try to describe the plot, not because it would ruin it (it would) but it's rather indescribable. The highlight was discovering that, despite this being the last day of the festival, the director Don Coscarelli (of Bubba Ho-tep fame) was there for the Q&A after the film. He hung around the lobby talking to fans after, and I snapped this picture of Don and my movie fanatic son, Chris. We talked about Bubba Ho-tep and the possibility that he may still do a sequel to that one. Fingers crossed!

CHIMERASCOPE reviewed on Speculating Canada site

Chimerascope coverDerek Newman-Stille has a nice review of my collection, Chimerascope, up now at his Speculating Canada site. A sample extract:

"Douglas Smith’s short story collection Chimerascope is a chimerical creature itself, a creative hybrid of diverse genres of the fantastic ranging in temporality, theme, characters, and the questions it evokes."

Great to see that the collection can still attract reviews since its publication in 2010. I'll be re-issuing a special ebook edition of Chimerascope shortly, so keep your eyes out for that. Read the full review here.

CAMPUS CHILLS required reading for 3rd year English course

Campus Chills coverWriter friend and editor, Mark Leslie, recently informed all of the contributors to his 2009 horror anthology, Campus Chills, that the book is currently required reading for the third year English 333 course "Horror in Literature" at Hilbert College in New York state, along with Dracula, Frankenstein, and the works of Poe. Pretty cool company!

The course, "The Literature of Horror," is taught by Herb Kauderer and "will explore the themes of horror and the grotesque inherent in the horror genre by examining some of the seminal texts of horror fiction... The course will trace the ways in which symbolic and thematic elements have been reinscribed in later works of fiction and film. The course will explore the manner in which these texts reveal cultural themes, values and ideologies."

My story, "Radio Nowhere," appeared in Campus Chills, and was a finalist for the Aurora Award in 2010. If you're interested, you can pick up an ebook copy of the story here on my website or at any of the major ebook retailers listed on the sidebar.

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"By Her Hand, She Draws You Down" movie on anthology DVD this summer

The multi-award winning indie movie version of my story "By Her Hand, She Draws You Down" (Anthony Sumner, director, and Alan Rowe Kelly, producer) will appear as part on the horror movie anthology DVD "Gallery of Fear," to be released later this summer. I recently came across a couple of interviews with Anthony where he talks about "By Her Hand..." and his other recent projects: Slick Devil Movie House interview with Anthony Sumner Wreck House Magazine interview with Anthony Sumner Once I have more information on the DVD release, I'll post it here. In the meantime, you can check out the ebook of "By Her Hand..." in my store.

"Scream Angel" to appear in "best of" Circus anthology: Fantasy Under the Big Top

My award-winning novelette, "Scream Angel," will appear in the reprint anthology, Circus: Fantasy Under the Big Top, which will feature the best circus-themed stories that editor Ekatarina Sedia could find. Check out the draft cover to the left and the table of contents below. I'm thrilled to see my little tale in the company of stories by such a fine list of authors.

  • “Something About a Death, Something About a Fire” Peter Straub
  • “Smoke & Mirrors” Amanda Downum
  • “Calliope: A Steam Romance” Andrew J McKiernan
  • “Welcome to the Greatest Show in the Universe” Deborah Walker
  • “Vanishing Act” E. Catherine Tobler
  • “Quin’s Shanghai Circus” Jeff VanderMeer
  • “Scream Angel” Douglas Smith
  • “The Vostrasovitch Clockwork Animal and Traveling Forest Show at the End of the World” Jessica Reisman
  • “Study, for Solo Piano” Genevieve Valentine
  • “Making My Entrance Again with My Usual Flair” Ken Scholes
  • “The Quest” Barry B. Longyear
  • “26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss” Kij Johnson
  • “Courting the Queen of Sheba” Amanda C. Davis
  • “Circus Circus” Eric Witchey
  • “Phantasy Moste Grotesk” Felicity Dowker
  • “Learning to Leave” Christopher Barzak
  • “Ginny Sweethips’ Flying Circus” Neal Barrett Jr
  • “The Aarne-Thompson Classification Revue” Holly Black
  • “Manipulating Paper Birds” Cate Gardner
  • “Winter Quarters” Howard Waldrop

"Scream Angel" first appeared in the anthology Low Port, edited by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (Meisha Merlin, 2003) and won the Aurora Award for best short fiction in 2004. It's included in my collection, Chimerascope. Check out its full publication history and reviews, or buy an ebook copy of the story.

More publication news: Best New Werewolf Tales (Vol. 1)

My urban fantasy story, "Out of the Light," appears in Volume 1 of a new anthology series, Best New Werewolf Tales (publisher: Books of the Dead; editor: Carolina Smart). "Out of the Light" first appeared in Dark Wisdom Magazine in 2007 and is included in my collection Chimerascope. The story was actually selected as an Aurora Award finalist in 2008, but I elected to drop it from the ballot so it wouldn't compete with another of my stories, "Dancer at the Red Door." Didn't work. Still lost. Here's the teaser from the ebook version of this story:

Jan Mirocek used to be a hunter. A very special hunter. Once, he had hunted the things that haunt the forests of the night in every culture of the world. The kallikantzari of Greece. The loup-garou of France. The kitsune of Japan. Were-beasts. Shape-shifters.

Until one night, Jan made a mistake, and the woman he loved died. Now he shuns the dark and his own past, hiding in a big city. For the were-beasts never come here.

Or do they? People are dying in Toronto, and all signs point to a shifter. But can Jan conquer his own fears to track down the killer? And what kind of shape shifter would be at home in a modern city?

Best of luck to Books of the Dead on the series and fingers crossed for Volume Two, since I've had a story selected for that one, too [grin].


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