And while we're talking about writing courses...

I also wanted to mention and recommend two courses that novelist, short story writer, and editor Nina Munteanu is teaching in the fall in Toronto:

Creating Science Fiction (George Brown College)

Learn about what is involved in writing science fiction and getting it published. Explore the essential tools used in this genre (including world building, research and plot approaches), and work toward a publishable original work by learning to generate and follow through with premise, idea and theme.

SF Writing Master Class (University of Toronto)

This 12-week workshop-style course will provide extensive opportunity to develop your in-progress science fiction novel and to gain a deeper understanding of world-building, dramatization of premise, and integration of character with setting, theme and plot.

I hope you'll check these out as well as my course. Nina will help you improve your craft of writing, and I will help you sell what you write.