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You can purchase all of my fiction, in ebook or print, directly from me at my bookstore. PayPal and major credit cards accepted.


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If you prefer, you can shop at my other bookstore, where you can buy directly from the retailer of your choice in your own country or region, including from Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Indigo, and many more. All ebooks and print editions.


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If you'd like to support your favourite local bookstore, but they don't carry my titles, please ask them to order them in. All of my print editions are distributed by Ingram, one of the publishing industry's largest global book distributors, and I offer bookstores the standard discount on their orders.


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Many readers ask me where should they buy my books, meaning where does it help me, the author, the most. Which is extremely kind of them.

Here's the answer I always give: please shop wherever is easiest for you, the reader. I'm delighted you want to buy my books period, and I'd rather just make the process as easy for you as possible.

I price the books the same on all retails sites, my own store included. I get a bit higher royalty from my own store, but buying from a major retailer helps my author and book rankings on those sites. And buying from a bookstore encourages them to reorder. It's really a trade-off for me, so I'd rather you shop where you feel most comfortable.

Enjoy and thanks for the interest!