Playing the Short Game makes a Recommended Reading list

The multiple award-winning author and editor, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, gives a shout-out to my new writer's guide, Playing the Short Game: How to Market & Sell Short Fiction, in her August 2014 Recommended Reading List.

Here's what Kris had to say about the book, for which she wrote the introduction:

I don’t always plug books that I’ve written introductions for ... I might like them, but I might not love them enough to recommend to you.

Doug wrote an indispensible book for those of us who love to write short fiction. He includes indie publishing, and a lot of traditional publishing tips. ... [Doug is] one of the best short story writers in the business, and one of the best at the business of short story writing. I learned a few things from this book, and sometimes I think I’ve seen it all.

So, if you have any interest in writing short fiction, or you’re already making a living a short fiction, take a peek at this book. It’s wonderful.

Thanks, Kris!

If you'd like to pick up a copy of the book, it's available from my bookstore and at all major retailers. A description of the book's contents along with full buying links can be found here.