More updates to the Foreign Market List

I just posted some additional updates to my Foreign Market List.

Foreign Market List updates posted

I've posted a bunch of updates to my Foreign Market List, so check them out if you're a writer interested in submitting to foreign language (i.e., non-English) short fiction markets.

Selling to Foreign Language Markets article in new SFWA Handbook

The 2010 edition of the SFWA Handbook ("The Business Side of of Writing, By Writers, For Writers") has now been published, containing my updated article on "Selling to Foreign Language Markets."

The article contains the same information that I maintain here on my website, outlining my recommended approach for reselling your short fiction to non-English language markets around the world. My approach, of course, leverages the Foreign-language Market List (FML) that I maintain here as well.

SFWA, for those who don't know, is the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, an organization that aims at supporting professional SF&F writers. Despite the name, its membership includes writers outside of the US. SFWA membership criteria include at least two sales to professional markets that meet SFWA criteria.

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