I'm in The Year's Best Canadian Fantasy & Science Fiction!

Cover for Year's Best Canadian F&SF, volume 2I am thrilled to announce that my story "If I Should Fall Behind" has been selected for The Year's Best Canadian Fantasy & Science Fiction, vol 2, edited by the award-winning writer and anthologist, Stephen Kotowych.

This story first appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction last fall, giving me my first appearance in my dream short fiction market. So this little tale is doing all right so far.

(For the Canadians on this list, "If I Should Fall Behind" is eligible to be nominated for the Aurora Awards this year under the short fiction category. More information about that here.)

The anthology is being funded via KickStarter. It's already hit its minimum goal plus several stretch goals, so the anthology will definitely come out, and with at least 125,000 words of short fiction. In case, you don't know, that is a BIG anthology.

But you can help make it even bigger and better by becoming a backer yourself. Click the button below to check out all the reward options for being a backer.

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