Interview with me at Trent Radio

Speculating Canada on Trent Radio logoBack in August (yes, I'm a little behind in posting), Derek Newman-Stille, recently a fellow Aurora Award winner for his wonderful Speculating Canada website, interviewed me on Trent University Radio. Derek is an excellent interviewer, and we had a fun and lively discussion on a wide range of topics, all related in some way to my new novel, THE WOLF AT THE END OF THE WORLD, including werewolves, myths and legends, disability in SF, ecology, the power of SF to challenge social assumptions, representations of oppressed peoples in SF, writing short fiction, and blurring the boundaries between horror, science fiction, and fantasy.

I greatly enjoyed the discussion with Derek and hope that you will, too. You can check out the recorded interview here or jump directly to the podcast by clicking on the Trent Radio logo at the left.