New story in On Spec

On Spec #90 coverI have a brand new story out in the equally brand new issue of the long-running and most excellent Canadian speculative fiction magazine, On Spec. This is their "Apocalypse" issue, which forms the perfect lead-in to the coming end of the world this December--or at least the end of the Mayan calendar. Great timing by the On Spec folks, I'd say, getting the issue out just before the real apocalypse. Well done. Well done on the issue, too, starting with the typical top-notch cover art, this time by Andrew Czarnietzki.

My story, "The Walker of the Shifting Borderland," is a multi-verse spanning surreal fantasy love story (another neglected genre) where our heroes fight to save our universe on the last piece of real estate still in existence--a coffee shop. From the opening:

     The universe ended at noon.
     A very particular universe--the one that held prisoner the creature the Walker loved most in the entire Continuum. The one that held her.
     At ten minutes before noon, the Walker strode out of the Shifting Borderland and into that universe. He landed, a phase shift to the left of local reality, beside a dusty two-lane highway running through a remarkably unremarkable town in a northern landmass on a planet called Earth.


This marks my third appearance in On Spec (the others being "The Red Bird" and "Memories of the Dead Man").  You can pick up a copy at many major retailers this month, or go for a subscription at the On Spec site. The magazine is close to offering ebook format subscriptions as well, so I'll soon have this great magazine on my Kobo.