Me and Ray Bradbury -- in Bulgaria

Well, here comes another publication appearance for "Scream Angel." I'd just mentioned earlier this week about the story being reprinted in the anthology "Circus: Fantasy Under the Big Top." Now "Scream Angel" will be translated into Bulgarian and published in the forthcoming 2012 issue of the annual FantAstika Almanac. The story's translator, Kalin Nenov, writes to me that "You and Ray Bradbury are the only English-speaking writers in this issue."

Major fan boy moment. The late Ray Bradbury is one of my writing gods, and if I have to go to Bulgaria to share a table of contents with him, well, that works for me. Wish I'd known that that was the trick -- I would've made the trip a lot sooner. 

This will be the fourteenth appearance for "Scream Angel," which won the Aurora Award in 2004 for best short story. It is the lead story in my collection Chimerascope, and you can pick up an ebook copy of the story at Amazon, Kobo, or my store.