Werewolf Wednesdays interview

The Wolf at the End of the World coverDavid Jón Fuller has kindly posted a short review along with an interview he did with me on The Wolf at the End of the World over at his "As You Were" website. The interview went live today as this week's entry for his recurring "Werewolf Wednesdays" feature on his site.

Here's an extract from his review:

Building on the world he created in previous short stories, Smith explores the Heroka — shapeshifting beings who can also control their totem animals — and their role in a world in which people’s relationship to nature is out of balance. He also confronts the clash of cultures between the dominant Canadian (read: white) interests and the rights of First Nations peoples such as the Cree and Ojibwe — and how this plays out in environmental policy and control over resources.
Aside from that, it’s also a gripping urban fantasy in which a voracious monster is targeting the inhabitants of Thunder Lake, a small town in Ontario, and even the combined power of the Heroka and ancient spiritual powers may not be enough to solve the mystery of the killings — and avert the end of the world.

David posed some very interesting questions in his interview, and I greatly enjoyed the discussion. I hope you'll check out the full interview here on David's site.