Playing the Short Game (Part 8): Where Do I Look?

Forgot to post about this one, although if you're following me on Twitter, you would've got a notice. Part 8 in my continuing series on marketing and selling short fiction went up last week on the new and spiffy Amazing Stories Magazine site. This one deals with finding markets that publish short fiction. I provide my recommendations on the best online resources for identifying available short fiction markets, and talk about how to use them to select your list of top markets. The lists are slanted to speculative fiction, although I do provide some resources for literary fiction as well.

If you write short fiction or if you want to, check out the series. Here's a list of all the posts so far. And please feel free to comment on any of the posts. It helps me writing them if I know that there are people out there who are reading the series. Assuming I keep to my planned weekly schedule for the series, a new post will go up each Saturday (more or less). If you want to be notified of a new post in the series, follow me on Twitter. And in answer to several inquiries and suggestions, yes, I will be pulling all of these posts into an ebook after I finish the series, which is likely to be sometime in August or September.