Playing the Short Game (Part 7): How to Choose Short Fiction Markets

New Zealand cycling trip

Part 7 in my ongoing series of posts at Amazing Stories on marketing and selling short fiction is now up. This week's topic is on how to decide where to send your story first. Hint: start at the top. Next week, I'll be discussing how to find available markets and how to understand submission guidelines. 

I missed a couple of weeks of posting for this series, but I plan to be back on a regular weekly schedule again now. The gap was due to an extended vacation and business trip to New Zealand and Australia. I did a 6-day cycling tour on the south island in New Zealand and fell in love with that country. The photo at the left is pretty typical of the scenery that we were cycling through. We went from Queenstown, over the mountains to the west coast, up the coast, and then inland again, finishing with a beautiful train trip through the mountains to Christchurch. Fantastic trip, and I can't wait to get back there again.

Back to the writing topic, if you haven't been able to follow my Amazing Stories blog series, you can catch up on all of the past posts here.