IMPOSSIBILIA reviewed at Speculating Canada

Derek Newman-Stille has just posted a review of Impossibilia, my first collection from 2008, on his excellent Speculating Canada site. An excerpt from the review follows:

"Impossibilia features Douglas Smith’s fascination with moral questions and morally ambiguous spaces where characters are forced to question conflicting values and ideologies. ... There is no certain ground in Smith’s work and readers are compelled to question every element of their identity and explore whether there is anything such as a fixed identity. Everything is changeable and everything is open to questions.

A collection of short stories, Impossibilia represents an exploration of the ways that the past continues to haunt us. ... Present and past intersect in Impossibilia, and memory is something inescapable. Smith does not focus his stories on the development of new loves (that’s too easy), but rather the fall-outs of love, the casualties of love and the repercussions."

You can read more about Impossibilia here. It was an Aurora Award finalist in 2009 and is now available as an ebook in either Kindle or epub (most ereaders) formats. Click here for buying links for all formats.