Director Don Coscarelli at TIFF 2012

A final pic and post from TIFF. We saw "John Dies at the End" on Sunday to close out the fest. A Midnight Madness flick and much fun. Think of "Buckaroo Bonzai" crossed with "Sean of the Dead". Sort of. Kind of. Okay, actually completely different. I won't even try to describe the plot, not because it would ruin it (it would) but it's rather indescribable. The highlight was discovering that, despite this being the last day of the festival, the director Don Coscarelli (of Bubba Ho-tep fame) was there for the Q&A after the film. He hung around the lobby talking to fans after, and I snapped this picture of Don and my movie fanatic son, Chris. We talked about Bubba Ho-tep and the possibility that he may still do a sequel to that one. Fingers crossed!