Is my Van Gogh story coming true? Is the Doctor real?

Newly discovered van Gogh paintingAs I explain in my afterword to my story "A Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase, by Van Gogh," I am a huge fan of the works of the Dutch artist, Vincent van Gogh. In that particular story, I tell the tale of an ex-CIA agent and a talented young remote viewer who use remote viewing to time travel and "locate" an undiscovered van Gogh. You'll have to read the story to understand the quotes around "locate."

Is my story coming true? Well, probably not. But a few weeks ago, experts at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam (which I visited, by the way, in May this year – absolutely wonderful) verfied Sunset at Montmajour  as an authentic van Gogh. The painting had actually been discovered in the 1990's, moldering in an attic in Norway. At that time, the museum had rejected the work, but more modern testing over the last two years resulted in its recent authentication. Very cool. Click the article above to read more about the discovery and to see the painting. There's a neat little magnification viewer in the article so you can really examine the painting (okay, technically, so you can examine the image of the painting).

And if the correlation to "Bouquet of Flowers..." and time travel isn't science fiction-y enough for you, then while you're checking out the painting, focus on the top left area. See that little blue building in the distance? Look familiar? Some people noticed its strange resemblance to another blue structure, as explained in this article. Personally, I think if Vincent was going to paint the TARDIS, he'd put it in the foreground. But it kind of cries out for a story called "Vincent and the Doctor," doesn't it? Oh, wait. They already did that episode.

In honour of all this great Vincent news, I'm giving away a free ebook copy of my story "A Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase by Van Gogh" in my bookstore to the first twenty people who use the following coupon code: VINCENT2013. Enjoy!