New story! "The Last of a Thing" in Pulp Literature

Pulp Literature #12 cover I'm very happy to announce that I have a "new" short story out in Issue #12 of the fine Canadian speculative fiction magazine, Pulp Literature. The gorgeous cover can be seen at the side here.

My story is called "The Last of a Thing" and is high fantasy. I purposely play around with the tropes and cliches of that genre to tell a tale whose message is...well, I'll let you read it, but let's just say this little story shares a heart with my novel The Wolf at the End of the World.

Why the quotes around "new"? Well, although the story has never been published before (so it will be new to any of my readers), I had actually sold it a couple of times in the past However, it never managed to see the light of publication until now. Every time I sold it, the magazine would fold or the anthology would never be published.

Yes, this was my "market killer" story. Every short story writer, if they've been doing this long enough, has one of these—a story that seems cursed to take down any market that dares to try to publish it.

So I'm very glad that (a) the story has finally really sold and is now available for you to read, and (b) I didn't end up killing a fine Canadian magazine.

Issue 12 is available for purchase here, in either print or ebook formats. I hope you'll check it out and help support Pulp Literature and Canadian speculative fiction by buying a copy of the issue or, better yet, a subscription.