CAMPUS CHILLS required reading for 3rd year English course

Campus Chills coverWriter friend and editor, Mark Leslie, recently informed all of the contributors to his 2009 horror anthology, Campus Chills, that the book is currently required reading for the third year English 333 course "Horror in Literature" at Hilbert College in New York state, along with Dracula, Frankenstein, and the works of Poe. Pretty cool company!

The course, "The Literature of Horror," is taught by Herb Kauderer and "will explore the themes of horror and the grotesque inherent in the horror genre by examining some of the seminal texts of horror fiction... The course will trace the ways in which symbolic and thematic elements have been reinscribed in later works of fiction and film. The course will explore the manner in which these texts reveal cultural themes, values and ideologies."

My story, "Radio Nowhere," appeared in Campus Chills, and was a finalist for the Aurora Award in 2010. If you're interested, you can pick up an ebook copy of the story here on my website or at any of the major ebook retailers listed on the sidebar.