"Spirit Dance" to be reprinted in BLOOD AND WATER anthology

My urban fantasy (well, okay, it's more of a wilderness fantasy) "Spirit Dance" will be reprinted in the upcoming anthology Blood and Water from Bundoran Press, edited by Hayden Trenholm. "Spirit Dance" was my first published story and was a finalist for the Aurora Award in 1998. A French translation of the story won the Aurora in 2001. It was included in my 2008 collection, Impossibilia. Check out the draft cover for Blood and Water to the right. Here's a description of the anthology from Bundoran:

"Conflicts over oil and diamonds marked the latter half of the twentieth century but the fights of the next century will be more visceral. You can live without oil or diamonds but try surviving without more basic things: fresh water, safe food or clean air. Try surviving while deserts form in Africa and the heartland of America; while oceans claim back coastal cities and Pacific islands. Blood and Water will gather the stories of the new resource wars that will mark the next fifty years – stories of conflict and cooperation, of hope and despair – all told from a uniquely Canadian perspective."

Judging from the authors listed in the table of contents, this is going to be a great anthology:

  • Drowntown by Camille Alexa
  • Bubbles and Boxes by Julie Czerneda
  • Phoebastria by Jennifer Rahn
  • Hard Water by Christine Cornell
  • Rabbit Season by Fiona Moore
  • Not a Drop to Drink by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime
  • Scrabbling By Isabella Hodson
  • Bad Blood by Agnes Cadieux
  • We Take Care of Our Own by Kate Heartfield
  • The Parable of the Clown by Derek Künsken
  • Blue Train by Derryl Murphy
  • The Cow’s in the Meadow, the Blood’s in the Corn by Margaret Curelas
  • Rash of Flowers by Ryan McFadden
  • This is the Ice Age by Claude Lalumière
  • Storm by Gerald Brandt
  • Little Canada by Kevin Cockle
  • Spirit Dance by Douglas Smith
  • The Great Divide by Brent Nichols
  • Digging Deeper by Susan Forest
  • Watching the Human Garden by Jean-Louis Trudel

I'll post again when the anthology is published and available for purchase.