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Ebook sale in my store: Buy one, get one FREE

To launch my new online bookstore, I'm running a 2-for-1 sale this week. Buy any ebook and add another of equal or lesser value to your order for free. Just enter this coupon code into the "Coupon code" box in the shopping cart page:


One use per customer. The sale ends next week, Saturday, July 16. Hope that you'll check out the store!

Buying links for the Sunburst Awards short-list

I blogged earlier about my collection Chimerascope being chosen by the jury for the 2011 Sunburst Awards short list for adult fiction. SF Scope has now kindly published the full shortlist with buying links on Amazon for all of the finalists. So if you want to check out some of the best Canadian speculative fiction from 2010, click away!

New online store is now live!

My new online store is now officially launched and live on this site! The new store provides the following options for buying my published fiction:

  • Short Story eBooks: You can now buy over two dozen brand new ebooks of my previously published short stories and novelettes, most of them for only $0.99. All are available in both .mobi (Kindle) and .epub formats (all other major ereaders), and all are DRM-free. With one exception, the gorgeous covers were done by Erik Mohr, the talented artist who does all of the covers for ChiZine Publications. Jean-Pierre Normand, the equally talented and multi-award winning artist, also did one cover.
  • Chimerascope: Now you can find buying links for my first full collection, Chimerascope, at my online bookstore and at all the major traditional and online book stores, including Chapter/Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and many other ebook retailers. Chimerascope is currently a finalist for the 2011 Sunburst Award for adult fiction and for the 2011 Aurora Award as well. Earlier this year, it was a finalist for the inaugural CBC Bookies Award for Best Collection.
  • Impossibilia: Similar to Chimerascope, you can now find a full set of buying lnks for Impossibilia, my first collection and an Aurora Finalist in 2009.
  • By Her Hand, She Draws You Down: The Movie Companion Book: You can now purchase the ebook version of this collector's item from the store, as well as ordering the original print version.
  • Personalized and signed print copies: Want a special gift? Now you can order signed editions of Chimerascope, Impossibilia, and the By Her Hand Movie Book, personalized as per your instructions and shipped to you directly. So take a look around the new store. I hope that you'll find something that you like!

"Radio Nowhere" to appear on Escape Pod as audio story

My weird / SF / time travel / love story, "Radio Nowhere" will be published as an audio book in an upcoming issue of Escape Pod, the excellent SF podcast magazine. "Radio Nowhere" first appeared in the horror anthology, Campus Chills, and was a finalist for the Aurora Award in 2010. If you'd like to read the story and didn't get a copy of the anthology, you can buy the ebook version of "Radio Nowhere" from my online store for just $0.99. I'll post here and tweet when the story is up on the Escape Pod site.

Chimerascope now available on the Nook

ChiZine Publications, who published my collection have just announced that all CZP titles are now available on Barnes & Noble's ebook reader, the Nook. The Nook is the second most popular e-reader on the market, behind Amazon's Kindle. Here's the link to Chimerascope on the Nook.

Dazed and Amazed: CHIMERASCOPE selected for 2011 Sunburst Award short list

I am thrilled to announce that my short fiction collection, Chimerascope, has been selected by the jury for the 2011 Sunburst Award short list. In making the selection, the Sunburst jury had this to say about Chimerascope:

"This collection contains a beautifully diverse selection of short tales that runs the full spectrum of the speculative genres. The tales are well-crafted, easily digestible; several of the stories are incredibly moving and stick with the reader long after. The wide range of stylistic approaches works well together."

From the press release:

Workshop on marketing short fiction in Guelph, Sept 21

I'll be appearing at the main branch of the Guelph Public Library on September 21 at 7pm, to repeat the workshop on marketing short fiction that I gave with On Spec's Diane Walton this past May out in Edmonton. This workshop will be the first in a new series that Kevin Nunn has added to the Sound of Writing reading series. Readings and workshops will alternate on a monthly basis going forward, if all works out as Kevin hopes. Here's a link to the public Facebook event page.

I'm planning to cover the same topics as in the Edmonton workshop, but this time, unfortunately without the editor's perspective that Diane provided. Here's the outline:

Branding for indie publishers

Friend and fellow writer Karen Abrahamson blogged recently on how indie authors who are going the ebook route (and print POD as well) need to consider developing a "brand" when they do cover design. Karen was kind enough to use my new short story ebooks, with covers designed by Erik Mohr (a finalist for the Aurora Award this year as best artist), as one of her examples of how to do this. Check out her blog post here. And you can check out all of my ebook covers at any of the major ebook retailer sites, including Amazon or Smashwords. I'll also be making these available for purchase directly via this website in the very near future. Stay tuned.

A million word milestone

I recently sold reprints of two of my shapeshifter stories, "Out of the Light" and "Spirit Dance," to Best New Werewolf Tales, Vol. 1 and 2 (or maybe 1 and 3). The sales are cool enough in themselves, and I (obviously) have a soft spot for were-beast stories, so just that news would have been good enough for me. But when I recorded the sales in my ever-so-big-and-complicated submission and sales tracking spreadsheet, I got a surprise. Now, I track ever so much re my fiction subs and sales – subs, rejections, rejections before first sale for a story, total stories sold, sales by story, sales by country and by language, and more. And one of the stats I track is my total number of words sold and published. When I entered these two sales, the cell in my spreadsheet for total words sold went all "######" on me, meaning that the result was too big for the current column size. So I expanded the column and what did I see? 1,001,866! Over one million words sold!! Not bad considering that all of those words are from short fiction sales. So thanks to Best New Werewolf Tales for helping me hit a milestone. If you want to read these two stories, my bookstore links are shown above for both stories (available in all ereader formats). They're cheap and they're good. What more could you ask for?


"Scream Angel" in premiere issue of Hyperpulp in Brazil

My story "Scream Angel," which won the Aurora Award in 2004, has just been translated into Portuguese and reprinted in the premiere issue of the new Brazilian speculative fiction magazine, Hyperpulp, edited by Alexandre Mandarino. The cover looks gorgeous, and I'm proud to be part of the launch of a new genre magazine. An early review described "Scream Angel" as "a true pearl of fantastic literature. Breath-taking." This is the thirteenth publication for "Scream Angel," and its tenth language. It remains one of my own favourite stories, and it's good to see that it still has legs (well, actually she has wings...). And if you'd like to read the story in English, here's your chance.


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