Get your ebooks autographed

I'd blogged earlier about how the very cool site Kindlegraph let you request autographs, complete with personal messages, for your Kindle ebooks from your favourite authors. Well, the site has now been expanded to include all ebooks, not just on the Kindle. In keeping with that change, the site is now called Authorgraph (which I think is a great name for this service).

I've registered all of my ebooks with Authorgraph site and have my own page, where you can request a personalized autograph for any of my ebooks that you might have in your collection. Simply go to my Authorgraph page, click on the "Request authorgraph" button below the book that you want autographed, and follow the instructions. Another change: you now no longer require a Twitter account to request an autograph -- just an email address.

You'll receive a separate ebook file, which will contain just the cover of the ebook, under which will appear a personalized message from me to you, and the author's electronic signature. It would be ideal to have it inserted into the original ebook, but this is still a very neat, simple, and free little service. I hope that you'll try it out, for my ebooks or any ebook from your favourite authors.