BookLife selects The Hollow Boys as an "Editor's Pick"

The Hollow Boys just received an "Editor's Pick" from BookLife and a glowing review. You can read the whole review here (just scroll down a bit to where the reviews start under the book description), but here are the highlights:

"This arresting series kickoff from Smith (The Wolf at the End of the World) grips from the start as it introduces its inventive milieu, its flawed but fantastically powered hero, its playful worldbuilding, and a host of tantalizing mysteries [in] Smith’s vigorously imaginative scenario. Complicating matters is Will’s agoraphobia … a fascinating flaw, worthy of Marvel comics in the 1960s... Deliciously detestable villains...and other original dangers have a perfectly calibrated creepiness—they’re deadly, and scenes of action and suspense thrum with tension, but the novel’s still always fun.

"Pacing and prose are tight despite the novel’s generous length; the dialogue’s crisp and engaging, and the reversals and revelations are cleverly plotted. Smith takes every advantage of his original dreamworld’s possibilities, building to a satisfying ending with plenty of mystery left to explore. Takeaway: Thrilling YA fantasy." —BookLife (Editor's Pick)

You can find The Hollow Boys at all major retailers, in print, paperback, and hardcover.

Remember, book 2 in the trilogy, The Crystal Key, is available for preorder now for only $2.99 up to its release on March 15.