Special Kindle pricing offer for CHIMERASCOPE

For a limited time, the Kindle version of my latest collection, CHIMERASCOPE (ChiZine Publications), is available at a special price of $2.99 on Amazon.com and £1.71 on Amazon.uk, a 50% savings from the prior Kindle price. And, as with all CZP ebooks, these are DRM-free. So why the drop? It's an experiment, quite frankly. I follow the ebook trends closely, and the one thing that I'm convinced of is that no one in the industry has yet to figure out, to cite an Economics 101 term, the elasticity of demand for ebooks yet. Meaning that no one knows the sweet spot for pricing ebooks. I believe that, unless you're a household name author, the key to driving ebook sales for your work right now is to keep the unit price low. Dropping the price on anything will increase sales. That's a given. But will that increase in unit sales offset the per unit price drop? If this 50% price cut increases ebook copies sold by more than 50%, then this was a smart thing to do. If the increase in ebooks sold is less than 50%, then...well, not so smart.

CZP is great to work with, and co-publisher Brett Alexander Savory has pledged CZP’s full support: “EBooks are new, but we strongly believe they will become a major market. Writers and publishers are trying to find a model that works—print plus eBooks simultaneously, eBook only, print books first then eBooks months later. We think we’ve figured that out, but are still thinking about price. With this move, we're looking to see how the Kindle editions from Amazon perform against other eBook formats available from other e-tailers. Both Doug and we want a price that’s fair to readers and encourages them to take a chance on an author they might not know, but still generate enough revenue for the author and publisher to make it sustainable. And even if we're wrong, I will still see this as a win-win experiment. It makes Chimerascope available to more people, which is both good for readers and good for me. No matter what, I'll be reaching more readers, and (hopefully) more readers will be enjoying my work. You can read excerpts from Chimerascope, along with reviews of the collection, here. And you can find all the ordering links, including for Amazon on my store page, including the direct ordering links for the Kindle versions. And remember, this is an experiment. I'm not sure how long CZP will keep the price at this level. So if you're interested and own a Kindle or a mobi ebook reader, grab a copy now!