Free ebook of the week: The Red Bird

In honour of this announcement, this week's free ebook is "The Red Bird," the story that Tangent described as "a mini-epic about a young boy named Asai and the phoenix that saves him from death while his village is being raided... If you love Japanese and Samurai stories, this one will give you goose bumps." The coupon code is RED-BIRD-FREE. To use the coupon, click on the cover at the right (or go to my bookstore, click on the ebook section, and select "The Red Bird") and enter the code in the coupon box on the order page. This coupon will be valid only for the first five people who use it. If you're late reading this and find that the coupon has expired, you can always use one of the coupons on my specials page. "The Red Bird" first appeared in the fine Canadian magazine, On Spec and was an Aurora Award finalist. It is included in my upcoming collection of fantasy stories in France, and in my collection, Chimerascope, which is a current finalist for the 2011 Aurora Award, and was also a finalist for the 2011 Sunburst and CBC Bookies awards. Enjoy!