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Free and Discounted eBook Stories

I have now made all of my previously published stories available as ebooks via my online store, so I won't be posting any free stories here anymore. Instead, I'll be posting special coupons for free or discounted books here and also periodically on my blog, that you can then use in my store. If you'd like to read excerpts of many of my stories, please check out the samplers from the stories in Chimerascope and Impossibilia.

Translated Stories

My stories have appeared in twenty-four languages and twenty-nine countries around the world. Here's a selection of some translated versions of my short fiction.


"La Danse Des Esprits" ("Spirit Dance," translator: Benoit Domis)

"La Parade Du Hoyl" ("A Bird In The Hand," translator: Benoit Domis)

Galician (Portugal)

"By Her Hand, She Draws You Down"


"Mal'ach Tze'aka" ("Scream Angel," in Bli Panika, translator: Inbar Greenstein)


"Scream Angel" (in Robot, translator: Elisabetta Vernier, illustrator: Giuseppe Festino)

"Enlightenment" (in Delos, translator: Elisabetta Vernier)


"Scream Angel" (partial only, in Sci-Fi Magazin)


"La danza de los espíritus" ("Spirit Dance")